Nursing is the most trusted profession, and here is an example of why.


An article in the Business Insider Australia has announced that for the 23rd year in a row nursing is seen by the Australian public as the most trusted profession! Australian healthcare enlarge takes out the top three spots with doctors being ranked as number two while pharmacists bring up third. However, the Australian public is not alone feeling in good hands with nurses around.


Roy Morgan Research- Source:

In 2016 Nurses and doctors ranked number one and two respectively in Brittan. A yearly Gallup poll conducted in the United States has had nurses ranked as the most respected in honesty and ethics since being added to the list since 1999, barring one year. In light of the September 11th attacks in New York that year firefighters took out the top spot. However, nurses were back in the number one position in 2002. According to GFK Vertrauen in 2013 both Japan and South Korea also ranked nurses as the most trusted profession.

But why is that? Look at a wonderful example of selfless commitment to society- Kristy Boden. An Australian who graduated from Flinders University nursing program and was working in London as a theatre nurse. She was killed not running away from the carnage that was happening during the attack, but towards it to try and help others. What she was trained to do, without fear for her safety. As nurses we know that we are trained to put others first in order to maintain health and well-being.

All of us in the healthcare profession: nurses, doctors, care assistants (AINs), radiologists etc. work tirelessly to maintain and promote optimal health in our society. We take those run-down and broken and mend them as best we can. I have always said that true nursing is not just a profession, it is a calling. And once you heed that call you are always a nurse or a doctor or a physio. And no matter where we may be in our daily lives should someone need our help we will be there to assist, whether we are in uniform or not. I have rendered assistance in a few cases in my career, however no where near the bravery that Kristy showed.

It makes me proud to know that my fellow nurses and I have gained the trust of the Australian people, and many others around the world. I am proud to say that I am a registered nurse.


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