Originally from the US I moved to Australia in 2005 to undertake my registered nurse training. Subsequently I have been a registered nurse in New South Wales, Australia for just about as long as I have been living in this great country. Previously in America I was involved with the health care system as a social worker. As a nurse here in Australia I have been fortunate to work in both private and public institutions and in acute, sub-acute and tertiary settings. This has included being a ward nurse, lecturer, casual nurse, clinical manager for nursing homes and most recently returning to my roots as a hospital-based critical care nurse.

Healthcare is one of the important industries of any country, and Australia is no exception. I believe we have a great health system in this country, and I strive every day to uphold the standard. But quality healthcare can only be assured if we continually question our practices and the environment in which we conduct our healthcare duties, no matter where or what that may entail. In order to maintain, and hopefully better, the outcomes for patients we MUST have exceptional clinical practices, solid leadership, good public health policy and generally a knowledgeable and health-conscious society.

Nontium Salutis is latin for “health news”. The clinical arena has many scholarly and more mundane sites catering for the clinical research in medical treatment. Additionally, many sites I have investigated are more medically focused. There is no issue with this, however there is a very large cohort of nurses, both registered and enrolled, within our great country which maintains the hospitals, medical centres, nursing homes and other organizations to maintain patient health. Therefore, I am hoping to create a blog which converses with all clinical and non-clinical members of the health community with a uniquely nurse-centered focus.

I am not here to bash or criticize individuals or organizations, there are plenty of others who do this. I am simply looking to start a conversation on topics relating to nurses and from a nursing-related view. Additionally, this blog will be based around the Australian health care system as it is the one which I am most familiar and most prominent for my circumstances. I encourage viewpoints to be shared with objective and constructive criticism as that is the only kind which can lead to positive change.

So welcome, please feel free to look around. I am happy for comments, either publically or privately (please find my contact details on the ‘contact me’ page). As George Bernard Shaw said ” Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything “.



Ray Stanton